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ColorFull Picker

ColorFull Picker on the App Store

Looking to create your perfect color real fast? This app is for you.

  • ColorFull Picker lets you intuitively generate your perfect color from millions of combinations, using just 3 sliders, or 3 spinners for max precision.
  • ColorFull Picker lets you also directly paste a HEX code you previously copied, so you can instantly preview it, edit it, or share it as a customised screenshot (simply tap on 'Menu', 'Share as image').
  • ColorFull Picker lets you easily save, copy, or share your color, both as an image which includes the color and HEX code, or as plain text.
  • Battery died? No worries. Your last selected color will automatically display when you launch the app again. ColorFull Picker has got your back - and favourite color!

Guess Fun

Guess Fun on the App Store

Guess Fun is a collection of math games, including:

  • The numbers book
  • MatheMagic
  • And more!

Primes Fun

Primes Fun on the App Store

Primes Fun lets you:

  • Check whether a number is prime
  • List the prime numbers in a range
  • Factorize a number
  • Generate random primes
  • Share or save your results